Altima Spoon

Altima spoon is built using a revolutionary new coating technique as well as by the addition of a new holographic painting method that makes it visible in deeper waters. The concave layered texture of fish scales combined with the vivid swimming actions leave no predator uninterested! Offered in multiple colours and equipped with rust-resistant brass hook for extreme flash and durability, resulting in more bites. Great for both freshwater and saltwater.


  • Built using new coating technique and holographic painting method
  • Layered texture of fish scales
  • Rust resita
  • 4 sizes available: 7g, 12g, 15g and 20g
  • Target species: Snakehead, Sebarau, Pike, Bass

Available Options

SKUModel NameLength (inch / mm)Weight (g)ColorsTargetPriceOrder QTY
FT139241Altima TJ 30303LG013

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