Barra Spook

BARRA SPOOK 100T, Seahawk’s latest addition to its Big Strike lure range, is a revolutionary top water lure made to be the ultimate “Cast, Charm, Capture”. It features a fortified thinner wall lining that creates greater air volume within the body. This allows for greater buoyancy while its aerodynamically enhanced shape gives it superior casting range.

The BARRA SPOOK 100T comes with two weights within its body: one fixed, another free moving in a linear pattern. This creates a distinctively realistic and irresistible swimming    action to charm nearby game fish, in combination with a shrill come-hither sound that’s able to reach, attract and lure out fish hiding a distance away.

Available Options

SKUModel NameLength (inch / mm)Weight (g)ActionColorsPriceOrder QTY
FT120492Barra Spook 100T10020Top WaterOrange Clown

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