Bass Hunter 8X

Seahawk Bass Hunter 8X is the newest addition to Seahawk’s line of high quality fishing braids. This budget-friendly option delivers the incredible benefits expected of braids despite its affordability. In line with Seahawk’s high quality standard, Bass Hunter 8X is innovated to be stronger, smoother , and more durable compared to all other braids of its class to offer exceptional value to anglers around the world.


  • Made budget friendly to be best value-priced, all-rounder braided line.
  • Constructed using 8 inter-woven high performance high molecular polyethylene fibers.
  • Ultra low stretch with high tensile strength.
  • Specially treated hydrocarbon coating reduces line friction.
  • Soft and smooth surface easily glides through guides for natural lure action.
  • Superior knot strength and high abrasion resistance.
  • Enchanced color-retention for increased durability.
  • Exceptional value with impressive price-performance ratio.

Available Options

SKUModel NameSize (lbs)Dia (mm)Spool Capacity (m)ColorPriceOrder QTY
FL120793Bass Hunter150.14100*6Flaming Red