Slow Jigger 64 Heavy (Tanto)

Seahawk Tanto’s SLOW JIGGER 64 HEAVY hooks are flat forged and thin wired with extremely sharp points, designed for modern light jigging and slow pitch. Its super sharp beaked point offers easy penetration with minimal force, essential when strikes occur as the jig is falling. Made for high reliability and performance for novice to professional anglers alike.

Seahawk Tanto’s range of hooks are forged from the finest high carbon steel for maximum durability, strength, and sharpness.


  • Forged
  • Flatted for extra strength
  • Needle-sharp beaked point
  • Strong high carbon steel for superior durability
  • Higher hook up rate, no matter the angle
  • Corrosion-resistant coating for saltwater applications
  • Bright tin finish increases visibility to optimize strike rate
  • Chemically sharpened


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