Tetra 50S

Introducing the Tetra range of lures! Tetra 50S is specifically engineered for ultralight fishing, these lures come at an ideal weight of 4g to sink within hot strike zones of 1 meter deep. UL anglers who fancy a little night fishing… fret not! These lures come coated in UV, making them a perfect companion for some night fishing as well! These attractive lures are especially amazing to target species such as Sebarau, Peacock Bass, Tarpon, and Pacu.


  • Exclusively for ultralight fishing
  • Fitted with ultra sharp Mustad hooks
  • UV-coated for night fishing and increased visibility in dark murky waters
  • 6 attractive fish-catching colours
  • Tank-tested and proven effective
  • Target species: Sebarau, Peacock Bass, Tarpon, Pacu

Available Options

SKUModel NameLength (inch / mm)Weight (g)ActionDepth (m)ColorsPriceOrder QTY
FT121496Tetra 50S504Sinking1Chrome Gold

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