Vertical Jig

Seahawk’s Vertical Jig is the newest addition in our line of quick action jigs. With a streamlined design & lifelike 3D Red Eye feature, this lure mimics the appearance of a fish, making it extremely irresistible to anything that swims! Its slim and centre-weight body allows a smooth and rapid drop in the water as well as quick, seamless retrieval upon any bite. The Seahawk’s Vertical Jigs are available in bold, bright colours with high quality luminous fish scale finish for fishing games of any kind, be it big or small.


  • High Quality Chrome Finishing
  • Slim and Centre-weighted profile
  • Fast to Very Fast Retrieve
  • Life-like 3D Red Eye.

Available Options

SKUModel NameLength (inch / mm)Weight (g)ColorsTargetPriceOrder QTY
FT121006Vertical Jig10040Milky Silver

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