O’Shaughnessy Treble Hook 3X Strong – 8244BLN-3X

SEAHAWK O’Shaughnessy Treble 8244BLN-3X hooks are 3X stronger than classic trebles, ultra sharp and feature a longer shank with extra wide gaps that allows anglers to use thick-bodied lures with increased hook up rates.

Feature :

  • Honed needle point offers solid penetrating power.
  • Extra wide gaps for thick-bodied lures and increased hook ups.
  • Longer shank suitable for a variety of fishing situations.
  • Forged 3X strong wire for remarkable strength.
  • Ultra strong and durable black nickel high carbon steel.
  • Made in Korea


Available Options

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FH1345468244BLN-3XHigh Carbon85PacketBlack