SOL 16X Braided Line

Seahawk’s finest braided series you can get and arguably the strongest braided line in the market.

SOL 16X HYPERION features 16-strands of Ultra High Volume Fibres (UHVF) to form a perfectly round and smooth profile with the thinnest diameter and highest tensile strength made for high-performance casting and endurance fishing. By combining a water-repellent coating (HydroBloc) with ColorGrip high colorfastness technology, this braid achieves maximum longevity with reduced line weight for exceptional casting distance; further supported by up to 77% abrasion resistance for the ultimate casting performance and experience.


  • 16-strands UHVF Ultra High Volume Fibre Braid
  • Superior strength, up to 77% abrasion resistance.
  • Perfectly round and smooth profile.
  • Thinnest diameter for optimal line capacity.
  • Extremely sensitive, transmits slightest nibbles.
  • HydroBloc water-repellent coating protects line
  • ColorGrip tech for 2X longer-lasting coloration
  • Added surface coating with 23% reduced friction.
  • Zero stretch for quick hook penetration.
  • Similar diameter, Superior linear strength
  • Exceptional casting performance


Available Options

SKUModel NameSize (lbs)PEDia (mm)Spool Capacity (m)ColorPriceOrder QTY
FL121218SOL 16X (150yds)200.80.1137Apple Green